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The Honda Civic del Sol, also known as the Honda CR-X del Sol, Honda del Sol, and Honda CRX, was a 2-door semi-convertible produced from 1992 to 1998. 'Del Sol' is a Spanish word that means sun, as it refers to the open-air driving experience when the removable targa top roof was detached. It is based on the Honda Civic.

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When it comes to popular modifications and upgrades for your Honda vehicle, there are key areas where enthusiasts focus on enhancing performance and aesthetics. Here are some of them:

Performance Enhancement

Genuine Honda performance parts like cold air intakes, exhaust systems, and suspension upgrades can optimize your vehicle's performance without compromising reliability. You can also add a compatible turbocharger or supercharger kit for a boost in torque and power.

Styling and Appearance

Upgrade your car's look and handling with custom wheels that are compatible with your make and model. You can also add rear spoilers, front splitters, or side skirts to add a sporty flair.

Interior Comfort and Convenience

Seat covers add comfort, protection, and style to the seats and the overall interior. Floor mats and cargo liners can help keep the interior clean.


High-intensity discharge (HID) or LED headlights can improve nighttime visibility and give your car a more modern look.

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